Big Ugly Fish Newsletter #12

Dear Subscribers,

The Sainte Catherines Photobook Shows All

Les Saintes CatherinesWell, not everything but it’s finally here! What is? Well, The Sainte Catherines have only gone and printed 200 copies of a 46 pages photobook. These previously unreleased pictures were taken by photographer Jimmi Francoeur during the recording sessions for their last album Fire Works, back in 2010. When you purchase the book, you instantly get to download two new songs and three bonus acoustic tracks. Plus you’ll get the Fire Works Deluxe Edition CD inserted in the photobook when we ship it out in April. Ask nicely upon purchase and they will sign your copy in joined up writing, these guys are not just a bunch of pretty bearded faces you know.

Bonus tracks:
14. Leaving El Rancho, 15. Torture Of A Kiss, 16. Ben Mieux D’Même, 17. We Used To Be In Love (Pale Moonlight edit), 18. Reinventing Ron Hextall (I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye) (Tim Thomas At The White House remix).

Out now. $30 + shipping. Pre-order your copy direct from

Leatherface T-Shirts See Light of Day Shock

Leatherface Mush T-ShirtHello there, we finally got around to restocking the Big Ugly Fish Cornershop with your favourite merchandise. Included in this is a limited edition run of Leatherface’s Mush LP cover tees, Smokey Joe tees previously only available on tour, as well as other favourites including Leatherface Shield Logo, The Stormy Petrel Boat and Monkey Rodeo tees. Available here right now.

BUF CD Sales Hit By Recession

Roll up, roll up! The Stormy Petrel CD has now been reduced to £6.99 as it’s now a bit long in the tooth and all copies are now seeking a place in your or your friends punk rock music collection. All other CD’s including Leatherface’s Live in Melbourne, The Sainte Catherines’ Fire Works and NRFB CD’s have also been reduced in this period of austerity, so stock up while you can. Available here right now.

The Sainte Catherines’ T-Shirts Found In Abandoned Basement

The Sainte Catherines T-ShirtHeld captive since a brief tour of Europe when young and later abandoned by really naughty bad ass people, the surviving and ever so slightly dishevelled Fire Works t-shirts (2 x Ladies Fit Small and Medium, 5 x Medium and 9 x X Large) are in the caring hands of the Big Ugly Fish and are currently looking for permanent, caring homes to go to at a small fee of £8 each. Available here right now

Admin @ BUF


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