BUF Newsletter #13 – Leatherface Quit Leeds

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We can confirm that Leatherface have pulled out of the All Day Hootenanny in Leeds on the 26th May 2012.

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Big Ugly Fish Newsletter #12

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The Sainte Catherines Photobook Shows All

Les Saintes CatherinesWell, not everything but it’s finally here! What is? Well, The Sainte Catherines have only gone and printed 200 copies of a 46 pages photobook. These previously unreleased pictures were taken by photographer Jimmi Francoeur during the recording sessions for their last album Fire Works, back in 2010. When you purchase the book, you instantly get to download two new songs and three bonus acoustic tracks. Plus you’ll get the Fire Works Deluxe Edition CD inserted in the photobook when we ship it out in April. Ask nicely upon purchase and they will sign your copy in joined up writing, these guys are not just a bunch of pretty bearded faces you know.

Bonus tracks:
14. Leaving El Rancho, 15. Torture Of A Kiss, 16. Ben Mieux D’Même, 17. We Used To Be In Love (Pale Moonlight edit), 18. Reinventing Ron Hextall (I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye) (Tim Thomas At The White House remix).

Out now. $30 + shipping. Pre-order your copy direct from saintecatherines.com

Leatherface T-Shirts See Light of Day Shock

Leatherface Mush T-ShirtHello there, we finally got around to restocking the Big Ugly Fish Cornershop with your favourite merchandise. Included in this is a limited edition run of Leatherface’s Mush LP cover tees, Smokey Joe tees previously only available on tour, as well as other favourites including Leatherface Shield Logo, The Stormy Petrel Boat and Monkey Rodeo tees. Available here right now.

BUF CD Sales Hit By Recession

Roll up, roll up! The Stormy Petrel CD has now been reduced to £6.99 as it’s now a bit long in the tooth and all copies are now seeking a place in your or your friends punk rock music collection. All other CD’s including Leatherface’s Live in Melbourne, The Sainte Catherines’ Fire Works and NRFB CD’s have also been reduced in this period of austerity, so stock up while you can. Available here right now.

The Sainte Catherines’ T-Shirts Found In Abandoned Basement

The Sainte Catherines T-ShirtHeld captive since a brief tour of Europe when young and later abandoned by really naughty bad ass people, the surviving and ever so slightly dishevelled Fire Works t-shirts (2 x Ladies Fit Small and Medium, 5 x Medium and 9 x X Large) are in the caring hands of the Big Ugly Fish and are currently looking for permanent, caring homes to go to at a small fee of £8 each. Available here right now

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Big Ugly Fish Newsletter #10

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We hope everyone had a splendid festive period as much we did and that Santa brought you the Lego, die-cast Spitfire, Barbie or Broons and Oor Wullie annual you asked him for. So, without further ado we’d like to announce, due to popular demand that Australian Jack the dog makes his return to the new fangled BUF Merchandise outlet along with BUF t-shirts, mugs, badges, bags, why there is even a hand made iPad sleeve available.

Don’t forget to check Big Ugly Fish’s Soundcloud page over the next couple of months, if you’re eagle eyed you may even spot a free download or two.

Leatherface are finally due on the last leg of The Stormy Petrel World Tour which is will have run it’s course by the middle of summer 2012. Here are the confirmed dates…

European Tour Dates


Leatherface LiveFriday 3rd – Portland Arms, Cambridge. £7.00. Doors 8pm.

Saturday 4th – Jeugdhuis OHK, Christinastraat 113, 8400 Oostende. Doors 7:30pm.

Sunday 5th – Vortex Musik Club, Auf den Hütten 4, 57076 Siegen, Germany. Doors 8:00pm. Tel: +49-(0)157-74744160.

Monday 6th – Au, In der Au 14-16, 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt, Germany

Tuesday 7th – Alte Mälzerei, Galgenbergstraße 20, 93053 Regensburg, Germany. Tel: 0941-788810

Wednesday 8th – Chapeau Rouge, Jakubská 2, Praha, Czech Republic. Doors 8:00pm. Tel: +420 603 257 718.

Thursday 9th – Jazzga, Piotrkowska 17, 90-508 Łódź, Poland. Doors 8:00pm. Tel: + 48 42 630 27 44.

Friday 10th – Ucho, Świętego Piotra 2, 81-347 Gdynia, Poland. Doors 7:30pm.

Saturday 11th – Roko Baras Bix, Lithuania.

Sunday 12th – Nabaklab, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, LV-1050 Rīga, Latvia.

Monday 13th – Sotsiaalkeskus Ülase12, Ülase 12, 10613 Tallinn, Estonia.

Wednesday 15th – Klubi, Tullikamarin Aukio 2, 33101 Tampere, Finland. Tel: +358-(0)3-3439933.

Thursday 16th – Bar Loose, Annankatu 21, 00100 Helsinki, Finland. Tel: (09) 586 1819.

Friday 17th – Klubi, Humalistonkatu 8, 20100 Turku, Finland. Tel: +358 2 231 2155.

Saturday 18th – Musta Kynnys, Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Monday 20th – Blitz, Pilestredet 30c, 0166 Oslo, Norway.

Thursday 23rd – Bakken, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Friday 24th – 1000 Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark.

Saturday 25th – Volksbad, Schiffbrücke 67, 24939 Flensburg, Germany.

Sunday 26th – Schlachthof, Findorffstraße 51, 28215 Bremen, Germany. Tel: +49 421 377750.

Monday 27th – Gleis 22, Hafenstraße 34, 48153 Münster, Germany. Doors 8:30pm.

Leeds All Dayer

Spring Into Summer Punk Hootenanny at The Well in Leeds is going to be extra special this year with Leatherface replacing the Angelic Upstarts after singer Mensi decided to retire for the forseeable future. Also confirmed are the wonderful Neck, Social Schism, China Shop Bull, Acid Drop, The Fuckwits, The Lost Cherrees, Jock Sparra and Overspill from bonny Scotland and last but not least The Septic Psychos. In the bar expect DJs Jamie Headcharge, Jon Firth , and Z-Carr to be spinning the tunes and keeping you all dancing until the wee hours.

Tickets (£12:00) available here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/144775



There is a rumour going round that this little band of miscreants might be performing some selective live dates to an unsuspecting public on the European mainland in the near future, so be warned. Watch this space.

Admin @ BUF

Big Ugly Fish Newsletter #9

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it’s nearly Christmas and the Leatherface boy’s are out on a tour of Shenanigans, so enjoy the festivities if you make it?

N.R.F.B Featuring Frankie NW Stubbs

NRFBN.R.F.B (Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb) is a collaboration of Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface), Jens Rachut (Kommando Sonne-Nmilch), Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Die Goldenen Zitronen) and Mense Reents (Stella, Egoexpress). The 7 songs of this record, alternated sung by Frankie Stubbs, Jens Rachut and the female voice of Lisa Hagmeister are a wild and insane mix of punk rock with electronic influences, techno, flamenco-guitars and spoken words. Surrounded by strange lyrics and unbelievable stories in German and English this is perhaps the strangest independent/punk-record in 2011 far beyond any genre limits.

The CD (Available here) comes with a chic matte gold-plated pressure digi-pack with booklet text. The matte gold-coated cover of the limited LP edition comes coloured inner bag with lyrics in olive green / brown vinyl (Available here).

Tournée d’adieu des Sainte Catherines

Yes, the rumours are true, The Sainte Catherines have called it a day. Gawd bless ’em and all who sail in ’em. Read the official press release here: saintecatherines.com

Leatherface UK Winter Tour Dates

Friday 2nd – The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford.
Saturday 3rd – Book Yer Ane Fest V, Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Street, Dundee, Scotland.
Sunday 4th – Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland.
Monday 5th – Sound House, Leicester.
Tuesday 6th – The Victoria Inn, Derby.
Wednesday 7th – The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol.
Thursday 8th – The Cavern Club, 83-84 Queen Street, Exeter.
Friday 9th – Night and Day, Manchester, M1 1JN.
Saturday 10th – The Fighting Cocks Bar & Live Music Venue, Old London Road, Kingston, United Kingdom.
For full details please visit leatherface.biz/tour

Limited Edition Leatherface T-Shirt and Badges/Sticker Pack

The Stormy Petrel Red T-ShirtBy popular Facebook demand there is now limited edition Leatherface T-Shirt is available from the BUF Merchandise section of the Big Ugly Fish website here until 31st December 2011.

Also available online and on the tour is a three badge and two sticker pack available at the bargain price of £4.00 from the BUF Cornershop here.

Christmas Competition

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this years Xmas competition, we’ll reveal the details soon.

Admin @ BUF

Big Ugly Fish Newsletter #8

Dear Subscribers,

New Leatherface Release | Leatherface Tour Dates | The Sainte Catherines Tour | Associates

Big Ugly Fish Recordings is proud to announce the release of ‘Viva La Arthouse’ a Leatherface live album recorded in Melbourne in 2010 on their Stormy Petrel World Tour.

It is available to order from the Big Ugly Fish Cornershop right now and is available as a single CD for £9.99 or Double gatefold LP for £12.99 plus P&P.

Viva La Arthouse – Live in Melbourne
Big Ugly Fish Recordings

Leatherface - Live in MelbourneViva La Arthouse is Leatherface’s second release on their own label and is a celebration of their 2010 Stormy Petrel World Tour that took in Europe, Canada, America, Japan and Australia. This double live album was recorded and mixed at Melbourne’s famous music venue The Arthouse by Poison City Record’s Matt Bodiam. The recording was made in arrangement with bassist Greame Philliskirk on the spare of the moment with the other three members of the band unaware the gig was being recorded for posterity.

Sadly The Arthouse, which has hosted punk and indie shows in North Melbourne for the past 19 years, closed its doors in May 2011 after its long-time licensee Maree Kelly decided not to renew its lease. An unsympathetic landlord and a change in the liqour licensing regulations are the two major factors in the Kelly family’s decision not to renew the lease. Leatherface’s Frankie Stubbs has a long-standing relationship with The Arthouse, in October 2005 A Death In the family flew Frankie over from the U.K to produce their debut album in the newly equipped Arthouse Studio.

Leatherface live shows have become the stuff of legend, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch them live you’ll have witnessed the pre-gig excitement, the trepidation of the emotional possibilities, the rollercoaster ride of each song and the overall full on powerhouse brutality of melodic punk rock which is down to Dickie Hammond’s unique guitar playing and Frankie Stubbs counterpointing riffs, the bombast of the rhythm section that comprises of Stephen ‘Skruff’ Owen on drums and Greame Philliskirk on bass. On top of this mighty backdrop is Frankie Stubbs lyrics, with his incredibly raspy voice and passionate delivery, exudes an aura that demands and gets respect. He wins admiration, in part, for his distinct lack of trying to be something he’s not. He is utterly devoid of pretense and flash.

Tracklist:1. Not a Day Goes By (Stubbs). 2. God is Dead (Stubbs, Hammond). 3. Watching You Sleep (Stubbs, Evans). 4. Never Say Goodbye (Stubbs, Hammond). 5. Diego Garcia (Stubbs, Hammond). 6. Little White God (Stubbs, Hammond). 7. Peasant in Paradise (Stubbs). 8. Hoodlum (Stubbs). 9. Sour Grapes (Stubbs). 10. Nutcase (Stubbs, Hammond). 11. My Worlds End (Stubbs, Hammond). 12. I Want the Moon (Hammond, Stubbs). 13. Broken (Stubbs). 14. Not Superstitious (Stubbs). 15. Pale Moonlight (Stubbs). 16. Dead Industrial Atmosphere (Stubbs). 17. Springtime (Hammond, Stubbs). 18. Hops & Barley (Tucker). 19. Hurt (Reznor).

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

Leatherface Tour Dates
Thursday 21 July – The Victoria Inn, Midland Place, Derby. Derby DIY Collective presents Leatherface – Back in Derby after last years amazing Fathers Day show. Plus Teen-Rebel Dopefiends – Northern catchy punk on Not Shy Recs!
20:00 – 23:00. The Victoria Inn, Midland Place, Derby, United Kingdom. 8pm doors / £5 adv. Tickets: thevictoriainnderby.co.uk

Friday 22nd July – The New Adelphi Club, 89 Grey Street, Hull

Saturday 23rd July – The Dog and Partridge, Bolton. The Dog and Partridge is Bolton’s original and best live music venue. If you hate hearing Oasis four times in an hour, if you care about music, if you’re a band that wants to play somewhere you can be guaranteed a warm welcome and a decent PA then the Dog and Partridge is the spiritual home you might not have found yet. Tickets £6. Available at the Dog over Dogstock (27th/28th/29th May).


Footage courtesy of Aussie Punk Rock Podcast D.I.Wireless www.diwireless.com.au. Leatherface’s second set of the weekend, this time back at the Arthouse on Sunday night. After a late band withdrawal they doubled up as headliners again to give everyone the chance to catch another awesome set.

The Sainte Catherines - Fire WorksThe Sainte Catherines – Fire Works Autumn Tour 2011
The Sainte Catherines will be on tour in Germany with Sunderland’s own Broken Few in September 2011 and of course we’ll let you know the dates once everything is finalised.

Their critically acclaimed ‘Fire Works’ is now available for £7.99 from the Big Ugly Fish Cornershop. Here is what people have had to say about the album so far:

“The Sainte Catherines appear to have adapted their style with ease, retaining their blaring guitars whilst a more reflective approach has broadened their sound and with it their appeal.” Emma Howe – Manifesto Magazine

“The Sainte Catherines have released a not totally unexpected, but a surprise of an album, it’s not anarcho or hardcore; ‘Fire Works’ has too many influences. Overall this is punk albeit influenced by 1970’s rock and 1990’s Orange county punk. Good to hear a band in such great form.” Steve Janes – withguitars.com


Pumpkin Records (Manchester)
Pumpkin Records recently welcomed two new additions to their collective, Leatherface and The Sainte Catherines, both bands will feature on the new Pumpkin Records sampler and will be working with Big Ugly Fish Recordings on some future releases.
Drunken Sailor Records
A label who have recently released a 7″ by The Magnificent, as well as material by Unfun and The Young Leaves have approached BUF with the possibility of doing a split 7″ with Leatherface specially for the Out of Spite Festival 2011. We’ll keep you posted on any progress.
Boss Tuneage
Three members of HDQ, minus singer Golly all went on to form Leatherface in the late 80s, whilst members also ended up at one point or another in Sofa Head, Generic, Dr. Bison, Stokoe, and of course The Jones. Well it seems plans are afoot for a third and final HDQ reissue in the near future to tie up all the other recordings by the band not covered on Boss Tunage’s two reissues of their second and third albums ‘Sinking’ and ‘Soulfinder’.

Admin @ BUF

Big Ugly Fish Recordings Newsletter #7

Big Ugly Fish Recordings

Hi Everyone,

New Release – The Sainte Catherines ‘Fire Works’

The Sainte Catherines - Fire WorksBig Ugly Fish Recordings are proud to announce our second release BUFCD2 by Montreal’s The Sainte Catherines entitled ‘Fireworks’ is available now from Big Ugly Fish right now for only £7.99 which includes free P&P to the UK and Europe. Rest of the World P&P £4.50.

‘Fire Works’ is a melodic, positive, entertaining, and most interestingly coiffed LP to come out in years and takes its cues from the band’s early influences like American Steel, the Broadways, Jawbreaker and Fifteen, and strains it through a sieve of 70’s rock, like a French Canadian wine that will kick your dick off, get you drunk, eat all your poutine (Chips, Canadian Cheese and gravy, fast food) and find you hung over in the morning humming the most melodic and positive tunes of the bands storied career.

The emo kids like ’em, the punk kids like ’em. No one quite knows what to do with them because they’ve got three meaty guitars, a front man “Hugo Mudie”, that exists at that elusive vortex where Hank Von Helvelte, Chuck Ragan and the bar where Cirque du Soliel clowns go to get drunk all converge, and haircuts that would scare the shit out of almost any mum.

Expect an exhaustive touring schedule from The Sainte Catherine’s for the ‘Fire Works’ cycle. They’re loved in Europe, Canada and the stinkiest most festering pits in all of the US so get out your mustache, cut your bangs at a weird angle and give me a “Tabarnak!” for The Sainte Catherine’s.


Split Singles

We’ve only got 10 copies of the single of ‘Deep, Deep, Sleep’ – Leatherface, with a track by Ninja Gun – ‘Eight Miles High’ in yellow vinyl which were found at the bottom of the merchandise bag from the last Leatherface tour.

Available now only from the BUF Cornershop, along with The Stormy Petrel tour t-shirts: http://www.biguglyfish.co.uk/cornershop

This Month’s Free MP3 Track

Leatherface – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You


Big Ugly Fish Recordings