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Big Ugly Fish RecordingsThe hosting for BUF Recordings runs out in a matter of months, we will not be re-newing the service. All our good work from over the past 3+ years is now archived here in this blog. The shop is in the process of moving too. You’ll find the remainder of our stock on Bandcamp. There are limited quantities of The Stormy Petrel and Live in Melbourne Vinyl LP’s left, both in red vinyl, so get them while you can before you have to pay a small fortune for them on eBay. You can find them here:

We are keeping the BUF Facebook Page as a point of contact if anyone has any queries and don’t forget there are two excellent active Leatherface Facebook pages here and here.

Operations are winding down due to other music projects and commitments outside the music industry.

BUF would like to thank everyone who visited us, bought music and merchandise from us, watched the bands on our small independent label and, those who continue to listen to the great music we were so privileged to be associated with.

We recommend HDQ’s new album Lost in Translation:

The Sainte Catherines:

The Leatherface site will remain as an archive as it is and will be updated with archive material as we receive it, if you have anything to contribute to the archive, the gallery or can recommend a high quality video please contact us via Facebook here.

Paul and Graeme @ BUF Recordings.


The Sainte Catherines – Fire Works Manifesto Magazine Review

The Sainte Catherines - Fire WorksThe Sainte Catherines
Fire Works
Big Ugly Fish Recordings

Punk Rockers, The Sainte Catherines is released LP ‘Fire Works’ the Sunderland label, Big Ugly Fish Recordings. This review may seem a little unusual considering their only relation to the North East is the label, I decided to do a little research into the Montreal based band and from what I have heard this release has assumed a slower sound and energy than their previous 3 releases. You get a sense of the bands growth into old age punk with this release, not that that’s a bad thing, we all have to roll with the clock and The Sainte Catherines appear to have adapted their style with ease, retaining their blaring guitars whilst a more reflective approach has broadened their sound and with it their appeal. There is a range of influences evident in the LP with the likes of Kiss and even a little New York Dolls all jumping out, however the sound is firmly their own and one that makes me happy to call this lot adopted mackems.Source: Manifesto Magazine

The Stormy Petrel – A Review

The Stormy PetrelSome records – whether they’re brand new or not – have this sort of lived-in quality that will just set a mind at ease when they start playing. It might be the lyrics that speak just right or the guitar tone that feels like the listener is sitting in the eye of a storm, or a rhythm section that strikes just the right chord in a listener but, whatever it is, it just feels like home. That’s the sort of feeling that The Stormy Petrel – Leatherface’s first album released since 2004’s Dog Disco and also the first on the band’s own label – imbues in listeners.

Read the review in full here.


The Stormy PetrelThe new Leatherface album release date out now on our own label Big Ugly Fish Recordings. There will also be a split 7 inch vinyl for the Canadian/US tour in February/March 2010 with ‘Yesterdays Ring’ who are doing the full tour with us. Check out their web site and also their my space site

There will be one track each and put out on our label We have taken a track from the recent album session which was pretty much done on a first take basis and mixed likewise. The song is called ‘Deep, Deep Sleep’ and 500 singles will be available in Red vinyl… for the traditionalists that are still left amongst us!

We hope you like it. More news to follow.


Graeme & Frankie.