Leatherface – Rabid In The Kennel Session

Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface performs “Broken,” from The Stormy Petrel, during a session for Rabid In The Kennel, hosted by Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover on BreakThruRadio.com at The Kennel Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY. This session airs April 14 2010, don’t miss it!


The Stormy Petrel – A Review

The Stormy PetrelSome records – whether they’re brand new or not – have this sort of lived-in quality that will just set a mind at ease when they start playing. It might be the lyrics that speak just right or the guitar tone that feels like the listener is sitting in the eye of a storm, or a rhythm section that strikes just the right chord in a listener but, whatever it is, it just feels like home. That’s the sort of feeling that The Stormy Petrel – Leatherface’s first album released since 2004’s Dog Disco and also the first on the band’s own label – imbues in listeners.

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The first release on Big Ugly Fish Recording’s was ‘The Stormy Petrel’ a twelve track album from Leatherface. Stefan Mush, Graeme Philliskirk, Dickie Hammond and Frankie Stubbs have been in the studio putting together 12 tracks and the resulting album ‘The Stormy Petrel’ is available worlwide. The album was recorded in the same studio as Dog Disco with Fred Purser behind the sliders!

The album and band merchandise will be available from this site and Plastichead will be distributing the new CD throughout Europe. In Japan, CR Japan will be Licensing/ distributing and Australia Poison City.

The Band kicked off 2010 in East Canada and the East coast US with Yesterday’s Ring playing all the dates with Leatherface.

Greame Philliskirk
Bass Beast

Stefam Musch
We only play it twice!

Frankie Stubbs
Acoustic for the Ears!

Richard Hammond
Bison Big Boy’s Toy’s