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It has been brought to our attention that there is a bootleg just been released and is allegedly being distributed by a well known company.

We can categorically confirm this bootleg release is nothing to do with either Leatherface or Big Ugly Fish Recordings. It is unlikely that any of the band will receive any payment from the sale of such releases.

We ask all true fans of the band’s music to avoid such inferior products. The official releases can only be bought from reputable traders or direct from Big Ugly Fish Recordings’ website.


Leatherface European Tour 2nd Leg

Leatherface - European Tour 2nd LegMarch

Saturday 17th – The Farmhouse, 11 Dover Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3HD, UK. Doors 8:30pm. £5 Entry.

Sunday 18th – Festival Ben Salad, Fort de Tourneville, Le Tetris, Le Havre, France.

Monday 19th – Bodega Amaya, Place Keruscun, 29200 Br, Brest, France . Doors 7:30pm.

Tuesday 20th – Heretic Club, Bordeaux, France.

Wednesday 21st – La Antigua Estacion, Oviedo, Spain.

Thursday 22nd – Gruta 77, Calle del Cuclillo, 6, 28019 Madrid, Spain. Entry €8 / €10.

Friday 23rd – Sala Mogambo, Calle de Azkuene17, 20110 Pasaia, Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.

Saturday 24th – Estraperlo Club del Ritme, Isidre Nonell 9, 08911 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain.

Sunday 25th – Teatre Casino La Unió, Calle de Catalunya, 15, 17411 Vidreres, Spain.

Monday 26th – Le Dynamo, Toulouse, France.

Tueday 27th – Le Mojomatic, Montpellier, France.

Wednesday 28th – Tapas, Nice, France.

Thursday 29th – Le Moloko, Geneve, France.

Friday 30th – Saturday 31st – Avatarium Festival, St. Etienne, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Sat. March 31st – Maison de Quartier, St Serge, Angers, France. Doors 20:30. Tickets €9.80.


Sunday 1st April Les Combustibles, 14, rue Abel, 75012 Paris, France. Doors 8:00pm. Entry €8.

Monday 2nd – De Rots, Melkmarkt 11, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2000. Doors 7:00pm.

Wednesday 4th – Minster’s Bar, 23-29 Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1HL. Entry £7.00

N.R.F.B Featuring Frankie NW Stubbs

NRFBN.R.F.B (Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb) is a collaboration of Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface), Jens Rachut (Kommando Sonne-Nmilch), Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Die Goldenen Zitronen) and Mense Reents (Stella, Egoexpress). The 7 songs of this record, alternated sung by Frankie Stubbs, Jens Rachut and the female voice of Lisa Hagmeister are a wild and insane mix of punk rock with electronic influences, techno, flamenco-guitars and spoken words. Surrounded by strange lyrics and unbelievable stories in german and english this is perhaps the strangest independent/punk-record in 2011 far beyond any genre limits.

The highlights include the title track ‘NRFB’ where Frankie takes over the lead vocals, the song ‘The Tank Driver’, which is a command performance par excellence and the final piece ‘Schaffel’, a driving mid-tempo number even with flamenco guitar work. A great disc, which reveals its true greatness only after repeated listening. The cover artwork is a photograph of four military amputees using donkeys to assist in mobility and is an enigma in itself.

The CD (Available here) comes with a chic matte gold-plated pressure digi-pack with booklet text. The matte gold-coated cover of the limited LP edition comes coloured inner bag with lyrics in olive green / brown vinyl (Available here).

The Sainte Catherines – Fire Works Manifesto Magazine Review

The Sainte Catherines - Fire WorksThe Sainte Catherines
Fire Works
Big Ugly Fish Recordings

Punk Rockers, The Sainte Catherines is released LP ‘Fire Works’ the Sunderland label, Big Ugly Fish Recordings. This review may seem a little unusual considering their only relation to the North East is the label, I decided to do a little research into the Montreal based band and from what I have heard this release has assumed a slower sound and energy than their previous 3 releases. You get a sense of the bands growth into old age punk with this release, not that that’s a bad thing, we all have to roll with the clock and The Sainte Catherines appear to have adapted their style with ease, retaining their blaring guitars whilst a more reflective approach has broadened their sound and with it their appeal. There is a range of influences evident in the LP with the likes of Kiss and even a little New York Dolls all jumping out, however the sound is firmly their own and one that makes me happy to call this lot adopted mackems.Source: Manifesto Magazine

Leatherface Germany June 2011

Friday 3rd – Bremen – Schlachthof

Saturday 4th – Düsseldorf – Ratinger Hof/Stone

Sunday 5th – Trier – Exhaus

Monday 6th – Berlin – Wild at Heart

Tuesday 7th – Regensburg – Alte Mälzerei

Wednesday 8th – München – Feierwerk

Thursday 9th – Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei

Friday 10th – Bielefeld – Ajz

Saturday 11th – Hünxe – Flugplatz Schwarze Heide (Ruhrpott Rodeo)